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Sometime on Quora
Sometime on Quora
Abhinav Kumar
Nela Canovic
Nela Canovic, Even a brilliant brain needs shortcuts!
356.4k ViewsMost Viewed Writer in Tips and Hacks for Everyday Life with 90+ answers
David Bailey
David Bailey, CEO 3 Kinds of Ice
314k ViewsFeatured in Time and Business InsiderUpvoted by Quora User, MSEd in Instructional Tech, former English teacher, language student and Lisha Ruan, speaks English, Chinese, Spanish, and French
Gus Simmo
Gus Simmo, Lived a lot of life in my time
459.4k ViewsUpvoted by Caroline Lee, Thirteen years old and still going and Quora User, I have 2 of them and I was one, once.